CEEREAL, as the representative of the breakfast cereal and oat milling industries in the EU, coordinate the activities of company experts and experts in National Associations through its Committees and working groups.


John Athanatos, Cereal Partners Worldwide

Vice President

Jochen Brüggen, H. & J. Brüggen KG

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all CEEREAL members. Its main competences include approving CEEREAL’s objectives, priorities and finances and electing the Board of Directors as well as the President and the Vice-President for two-year terms.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of up to eight representatives of Association and Company Members as well as the OMC that are elected by the General Assembly. The list of board members is available here.

Oat Millers Committee (OMC)

The Oat Millers Committee represents the specific interests of the oat milling industry in CEEREAL and its Board of Directors by nominating a representative (Niklas Kumlin, Helsinki Mills). Its Chairman is Jochen Brüggen, Brüggen. Its Vice Chairman is James Lea, Morning Foods.

Committee of Secretaries General (CSG)

The Committee of Secretaries General represents the interests of the Association Members in CEEREAL. It is composed of representatives of the Association Members and nominates two of its members for membership in the CEEREAL Board of Directors (Geraldine Albon, ACFM/BOBMA and Pedro Queiroz, AFLOC).

Working Committees and Groups

A Communication Committee oversees the public affairs activities of CEEREAL.

Under the umbrella of a Technical Committee a multitude of working groups exist to tackle the many food safety and nutrition and health dossiers relevant to the breakfast cereal and oat milling industries. Jörg Cselovszky, Cereal Partners Worldwide, is the current Chairman of the Technical Committee, Neil McGowan, Kellogg, the Vice Chairman.