The Health Policy is an exclusive competence of the Member States. National governments are responsible for organizing and delivering healthcare at national, regional and local level. The EU mostly complements and supports the work that goes on in individual EU countries on issues where coordination, cooperation and exchange of information, knowledge and best practice is the best way forward.

The EU also uses legislative instruments to regulate certain areas, such as provisions on food information to consumers (EU Regulation 1169/2011), and Nutrition and Health Claims (EU Regulation 1924/2006).

As the voice of the European breakfast cereal and oat milling industry, CEEREAL conveys the views of its member companies on non-competitive issues affecting the sector.

For example, in the area of nutrition and health, CEEREAL contributed in the drafting of the Guidance on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers. This was developed under the leadership of the European Food and Drink Federation (FoodDrinkEurope) to facilitate a common understanding on the requirements of EU labelling rules which entered into force in December 2014.

CEEREAL and its member companies are also cooperating closely with the European Commission and other stakeholders in addressing the current nutritional and health challenges. CEEREAL works in partnership with the European Commission and a wide range of stakeholders via the European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health to promote balanced diets and healthy lifestyles on a voluntary basis.

In 2005 and and then for many years, CEEREAL has been holding "Breakfast Week", an informative event on the importance of breakfast for healthy lifestyles, also explaining the role that the breakfast cereal option plays as part of healthy diets and active lifestyles. Visit our photogallery here!