On 6 December 2017, the “Breakfast is Best” coalition, of which CEEREAL is a member, will launch its comprehensive report, The Importance of Breakfast in Europe: A Review of National Policies and Health Campaigns on the occasion of a EURACTIV Stakeholder Workshop entitled “Promotion of healthy diets in the EU: What role for breakfast?”

The Importance of Breakfast in Europe: A Review of National Policies and Health Campaigns takes a unique look into the way governments communicate around and promote consumption of breakfast in 16 European countries and is the result of work conducted by the Breakfast is Best campaign – which includes, alongside CEEREAL, the European Medical Association (EMA), the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) and the European Club of Paediatric Dietitians/le Club Européen des Diététiciens de l’Enfance (CEDE) – and Professor Louise Dye, an expert on nutrition and behaviour at the University of Leeds.

NewsBrussels, 16 October 2015. 

“Rethinking Breakfast” is the title of the talk that Dr. Duane Mellor will be giving on 24 October in the context of the 9th EFAD/DIETS Conference 2015 (23/24 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 

With what is promising to be a fascinating presentation, Dr. Mellor, Nottingham University, UK, will explore the benefits of breakfast and the role of grains and breakfast cereals in the diet in a highly mediatised era.

The Conference, hosted by the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), will see the launch of the “EFAD European Dietitians Action Plan”, which is a call to action for European dietitians to really show what they are doing at all levels to meet the European nutrition and health agenda. Therefore, the theme of the conference this year is “Dietitians meeting the Food and Nutrition Action Plan”.

More information on EFAD can be found at http://www.efad.org/ and on the conference, including registration, at the link http://efadconference.com/ .