The basic principles for the EU’s food safety policy are defined in the EU’s General Food Law, adopted in 2002. Its general objectives are to facilitate the free trading of food across all EU countries by ensuring the same high level of consumer protection in all Member States.

The EU food law deals with a wide range of issues related to food in general and food safety in particular, and covers all parts of the food chain from animal feed and food production to processing, storage, transport, import and export, as well as retail sales. This integrated approach means that all food (and feed) produced and sold in the EU can be traced from ‘farm to fork’ and that consumers are well informed on the content of their food.

CEEREAL members are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards and is available to share its expertise in the appropriate regulatory fora.

As an example of activities in this area, CEEREAL regularly participates in the Fusarium Forum organised by the European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety. This Forum is a key event for all actors of the food and feed chain, incl. research institute, academia and consumers, where agronomic information can be shared, first and second processors exchange views on the fate of the Fusarium toxins through processing, the latest research information are presented, and where consumer organisations can bring the views of their members.

CEEREAL participates in this type of discussions by providing data, and company experts provide the unique views of the breakfast cereal and oat milling industries.

CEEREAL also cooperates, as appropriate, with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by providing industry data and contributing to public consultations.