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CEEREAL member companies agreed on provisions with regard to responsible packaging practice and current packaging legislation. In particular, this document sets a minimum target fill level. This document also sets out industry obligations to minimize packaging waste. It may serve to inform on how the industry meets the needs of consumers through adherence to responsible packaging practice.


Since September 2008, CEEREAL has provided guidance on realistic portion sizes for breakfast cereals. These are used by member companies across the EU in communicating with consumers about the role of breakfast cereals in a blalanced diet. Portion sizes are reviewed periodically to ensure they reflect current consumption and dietary recommendations. With this document, you can learn more about portion sizes for breakfast cereals.


CEEREAL members have been putting non-food inserts into cereal packs in a responsible manner for many years by complying with all legal requirements, and in many cases exceeding them to ensure that they can be confident the inserts are safe. To ensure inserts are safe, members follow these CEEREAL Guidelines as a minimum standard.


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